Farming is hard.

Compliance is simple.

The Summary

Whether your project is simple or complex, we make sure your licensure and compliance processes are never complicated. Our systems are built to handle the demands of commercial agriculture, with a focus on mobility and scalability.

To date we have licensed and ensured 100% inspection scores for over 10 million square feet of cultivation, multiple volatile extractors, and distribution operations.

As former cultivators ourselves, we know firsthand that personal service is paramount. With our headquarters in Santa Barbara and satellite offices in Northern California, Hawaii, and Florida, you can rest assured our team will be where you need us, whenever you need us.

Past Results

200+ Acres Permitted

Bay Kinetic has successfully managed the approval and issuance of over 200 acres of cultivation in Santa Barbara County. Learn how we can help with your Land Use Permit, Conditional Use Permit, or Business License.

4.4M+ SqFt Annual Licenses

Apply best practices built over multiple projects at all scales of production. Navigate the requirements of the five different departments in order to receive a fully vested annual license.

Volatile Extraction

Educating and working closely with regulators resulted in issuance of a Conditional Use Permit and a Development Agreement allowing volatile extraction for the first time in a tax-advantaged city near Sacramento, CA.


Multiple licenses awarded for clients across California for the purposes of self-distribution, distribution hubs, and wholesale brokerage.

Customer Reviews

“Using the Bay Kinetic system allowed us to harvest seven acres in six days. Hands down the smoothest harvest we’ve ever run.”

“The Bay Kinetic system solves 12 problems at once in a way that works with how I want to harvest my crop. No more handwritten weights, no more hunting WiFi signal, and a much smoother harvest.”

“We were able to 5x the weight we were able to harvest and manifest in a day. The system lets the farm team choose what sections to harvest on the fly, so we’re able to adjust according to customer needs.”