Hoʻolaulima – work together

We offer solutions based on our experience as operators. Our systems are built to handle the demands of commercial agriculture, with a focus on mobility and simplicity.

Our team believes in diversity. We call many places home and believe you need many viewpoints to see the whole picture.

We specialize in getting complicated projects across the line and maintaining compliance once licensure is granted.

Our main office is in Santa Barbara, California. We have satellite offices in northern California, Hawai’i, and Florida.

If your team is looking to acquire a state license, or is looking to streamline operations with compliance services, contact us for a conversation.

Kapono Curry

Emily Curry

Ernesto Alvarez

Shanika Marlow

Our Vision

Our Team works with local Subject Matter Experts who understand the unique regional differences and regulations centered around Agriculture. Our proprietary Integrated Scale system is certified, proven to reduce labor , and produce more accurate calculations on product yield. Collectively our Team has over 15 years of experience and we are confident in customizing tools or solutions so our clients may succeed.

Our Mission

We are driven by a commitment to supporting passionate operators build the industry we want to exist.